Australian Tune

I’ve added a transcription of another of my compositions – a short tune in 6/8 time which floats between G major and D major tonalities.   It’s called Australian Tune as it was written while I was backpacking in Australia several years ago.  It’s in an open Gmaj7 tuning – low to high it’s DGDF#BD.  You can find a video of me playing it here.  I hope you enjoy the melody and have fun exploring some of the chord shapes, let me know how you get on.  You can find more transcriptions below.

Australian Tune_0001

Australian Tune_0002

Australian Tune_0003

No Time Like The Past

Below is a transcription I made of one of my solo acoustic guitar compositions – it’s a pretty little tune with some tapped harmonics and palm muted bass string work to add interest to the texture.  You can watch an old video of me playing this here.

I’m hoping to add a few more of these transcriptions as soon as time allows.  Hope you enjoy this one!No Time Like The Past_0001No Time Like The Past_0002